Dear Parents and Staff,

These are unusual times and like nothing we’ve seen before. Today we cancelled our auction. It is with deep regret that I share this with you. You have all worked hard and the auction team has been on overdrive. Thank you for your efforts.

We will be notifying your auction guests of the cancellation if you submitted an email address for them. To be sure, please contact each of your auction guests.

In the coming days we will be looking at alternative ways to restore some of the revenue from the auction. I welcome your ideas.

Thank you to each of you for being so great during this time of uncertainty and change. There’s nothing about this that is easy, but we will rise to the occasion!

And last, I’d like to thank our teachers who have worked hard to have remote learning options ready for your children in case/ when we close school. They have been champions and they are excited about the options they have put together.

With gratitude,


Elaine Kennedy
Head of School
New Morning School