A quick look at school supplies for each class level

Here is a list of items each family needs to supply for their children, in addition to a list of items to donate to the school. This helps trim costs for all programs, so be generous if you are able.

Below is a list of general supplies that we ask all parents to provide (you choose the items). Each family is asked to bring in 5-7 of the items below (or just a box of copy paper if you wish). Please plan to bring your supplies to school before the first day. The school is open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Scotch tape refills (not shiny)
1 ream or case of copy paper for copier and printers
White, 13-gallon garbage bags
Paper towels (we need lots!)
Package of 7-8 oz. plastic cups
Kleenex boxes
Paper plates (large or small)
Masking tape (1”) (not blue)
Sandwich, quart and gallon size Ziploc bags
Glue sticks
Sticks for hot glue guns (the narrower ones)

A family photo for a picture tree
A inch binder or larger, for each child’s portfolio (they can personalize it)
A bag for each child for their belongings to and from school (backpacks work but tote bags are often more manageable for young ones)
A change of clothing

5 different colored folders (label with child’s name on inside pocket; red, yellow, blue, orange, black only)
3 3.5 inch three-ring binders
Scotch tape refills
Masking tape
Writing pencil (whatever each child prefers)
Glue sticks
Air dry clay
Lunch box
Water bottle

‘Dollar store’ items: Googly eyes, pipe cleaners/fuzzy sticks, pom-pons, hot glue sticks, popsicle sticks, Q-tips, clothespins, shaving cream

4-5 Glue sticks (Elmer’s)
Notebook for journal
Headphone (with student’s name on it)
Pencil box/pouch (no bigger than 8.5 x 5.5 inches)

1 red folder with pockets (for Math)
1 blue folder with pockets (for English/Language Arts and Grammar)
1 purple folder with pockets (for Social Studies)
1 orange folder with pockets (for Spelling/Vocabulary)
1 green folder with pockets (for Science)
1 yellow folder with pockets (for Museum)
1 package of graph paper (the kind that’s divided into little squares)
1 binder to use as a daily planner (½” is big enough, but 1” is fine, any color or style you wish)
1 regular notebook (for writing – 70 pages should be plenty)
1 wireless composition notebook (for Science – Mr. Paul says it can be college or wide ruled, at least 50 wireless pages, cardboard or plastic cover)
If there is a certain kind of mechanical pencil or pen you really like to use, or you would prefer to have your own personal set of markers, crayons, etc., feel free to bring in whatever supplies you wish.