Continuous limited enrollment available

  • As our classrooms are larger and our class sizes are smaller, we can socially distance the students and have each child attend every day. We are capping enrollment in some classes, so please inquire now if you’re interested in enrollment.

Welcome To a Unique Learning Environment

Thank you for your interest in New Morning School.  We invite you to explore our school and see how it can be the positive atmosphere in which your child can thrive.


welcomeNew Morning School is a unique learning environment that encourages children to learn at their own pace and style.  We have taken the stages of childhood development that were outlined by Jean Piaget, a Swiss psychologist, and created a school that respects how knowledge develops at each of the stages.  His work is further reinforced by the latest brain research.

In addition to accommodating the needs of the individual child, we also incorporate parental involvement in our philosophy.  Parental involvement benefits the children as well as makes for a healthy support system for the school.

We have posted a great deal of information about our school online, however, new parents tell us the best way to learn about New Morning School is to visit.  We invite you to attend any one of our Open Houses or come to a weekly tour to see our school in action.

We look forward to meeting you.

With warm regards,
Joan Barrett
Director of Admissions

We invite you to see New Morning School in action

School Tour

During your visit you will learn about the New Morning philosophy and curriculum, observe the classrooms, speak with the teacher(s), and will have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss your child’s needs. This meeting is for parents only. We look forward to seeing you there!

Student Visit
Each prospective student is invited to spend a day at the school prior to enrollment. This provides an opportunity for New Morning staff to observe the child in our learning environment and make an informal assessment of his/her skill level. In addition, the student is able to experience the classroom.