‘An environment that is great for young children’

When I came here several years ago, my husband and I had been looking for the perfect preschool for our kids. As soon as Joan (Barrett, the director of admissions) started taking me on the tour of the school, and I could see exactly what they were doing in the preschool, I knew what their day looked like. Their plan, the choice that the kids have…we knew this was the exact fit for our child.

We also knew this was best practice. I also have a teaching degree; I taught elementary education for six years, and I have a masters in early childhood. So, the Piaget approach and what an early childhood setting should look like, New Morning School mimics.  So after the tour, we knew this was the fit. This was the right place for our boys.

What jumps out about New Morning School?

It’s that choice. It’s the play that the kids get to have. They dictate their day and they get to gravitate toward whatever they want to do. So I think because they have so much choice, it’s just an environment that is great for young children. 

A lot of parents don’t know what they should be seeing, so I will tell them (as a former teacher) that at this age, there should be play, there should be choice. It promotes interest in learning and love of school.

Tommy is a preschooler. He does Young Fives in the morning, then comes downstairs to kindergarten in the afternoon. It has been great for us.

Katie Cerne is a parent at New Morning School, Plymouth. To schedule a tour, call (734) 420-3331 or email NMS@newmorningschool.com. New Morning School has limited openings with its preschool, kindergarten, elementary and middle school classes.