Recently I made a decision as a parent that left me shook. When I say I was shook, I’m referring to not only my parenting style, but the core of so many of my ideas about life, that I find so important; freedom and failure - prime elements of risk taking. Before I go Read More
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Christine Jansen at New Morning School, elementary classroom.
Hands-on Learning is very important to learning and part of our classroom every day. Hands-on Learning is learning by the process of doing. This idea became popular in the early 1950s and was backed by famous psychologists like Jean Piaget, Kurt Lewin and John Dewey. It can also be called Experiential Learning. Experiential Learning quickly Read More
  Categories : Blog Why Despite my best efforts as a certified educator, nature can often be the best teacher. It is through nature that I have learned how to respect all things, even those that I do not understand. It is through nature that I have learned that everything finds a way to work itself out Read More
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I still remember it like it was yesterday. Over 40 years ago, my swimming lessons at the local municipal pool included learning how to dive from the high board. Kids half my size -- and a few years younger than me -- excitedly climbed up, took a quick glance around and dove into the Read More
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If you have yet to face any real challenges in your life, consider yourself fortunate. At some point, everyone faces a challenge. It will be uncomfortable. It won't always have a simple answer. And large or small, you will have to figure out a way to solve it. Avoidance is not the correct response. Read More
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Ten years ago, my husband and I discovered New Morning School for our daughter.  As public school teachers, sending our kids to private school wasn’t a decision we took lightly. But New Morning School is exceptional. Below, I share why we decided it is the best place for our children. Our daughter started in Read More
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