The challenges faced with at-home learning during the COVID-19 pandemic are three-fold. They affect not only the students, but parents and also the teachers. It’s important to understand what makes successful remote learning at the elementary school level. We should recognize how the teaching and learning methods at New Morning School in Plymouth, MI. Read More
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Hello to all members of the NMS artists colony!   This week we are taking an adventure, exploring the art of digital photography.  Of course this is not new to most of you, I’m guessing you have snapped a picture or two.  But let’s learn some basics and then try some new things!   What Read More
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Students Learning at Table
I’ve been thinking about this topic for a few days. We are in the early days of “shelter in place.” It is a challenging time. In my role as Head of School at New Morning School, I’m receiving by email every promotion by every company offering school curriculum. They’re all screaming – it’s free, Read More
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A student hand drew a diagram showcasing the symptoms of the Ebola virus. She did a great job. It was clear. It was informative. But as her teachers, Ms. Linda and I thought it would be a good idea to recreate it on a computer. It would look professional that way. So, as an Read More
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This is the time of year, the week before Winter Break, when both students and teachers are eagerly anticipating those imagined languid days of sleeping in, staying up late and having no other agenda than doing absolutely nothing, or everything, according to one’s choosing. Too often, however, this imagined utopia of free time becomes Read More
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Happy Fall! I’m writing this month’s blog to offer two high-quality media recommendations for families as we dive in to the school year — a podcast “The Curious Kid,” and a PBS show, “Molly of Denali.” Read on to learn more about why these might be good programs for your family!  ‘Curious Kid Podcast’ Read More
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