Preschool: What every parent needs to know

Plymouth full-day preschool

There’s a moment every parent thinks about with excitement, but often reaches with nervousness — having their child start preschool.

At New Morning School in Plymouth, MI., we understand the concerns of every parent. Our well-trained, loving staff works hard to put every child at ease. And as parents once in that situation themselves, our staff understands how it’s not always easy to say goodbye for the first time.  

“First, I would say that I understand the apprehension,” says Marisa Downs, a longtime New Morning preschool teacher. “Their child is so deeply loved and all the new influences of school are scary.  I would assure them that by choosing New Morning School, they are introducing their child to an environment where they will be honored.”

I love children and always do my absolute best to encourage, support, and foster a safe and nurturing environment for learning and growing.

Marisa Downs, preschool teacher

Children will learn the routine of school and become comfortable interacting with others. Still, each child will be treated as a unique individual.

Preschoolers encouraged to grow while learning structure

Memories are made every day at New Morning School in Plymouth, MI.

“Their curiosities, their personalities, their interests, and their abilities will all be respected and appreciated,” says Downs. “I love children and always do my absolute best to encourage, support, and foster a safe and nurturing environment for learning and growing.”

Welcome to New Morning School’s preschool program.  Based upon an early foundation of learning and play, it’s grounded in the latest brain science and supported by the work of Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget. This is an ideal environment for children to grow with respect toward their individuality and growth.

Children are challenged with goal-setting opportunities while learning the basics of a school-setting with other unique children. The preschool program meets all licensing requirement of the State of Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

Since 1973, New Morning School has served the communities of Plymouth, Northville, Livonia, Novi, Canton, Ann Arbor and Farmington. We have developed the ideal nurturing, creative and safe environment for all children. Small class sizes exist at all levels. For early-childhood education, preschool teachers are supported by two teacher aides, creating at minimum a 4:1 student-to-teacher ratio (often better than that). COVID-19 social distancing requirements is keeping the class size even more manageable this year.

What parents see in their children during preschool

Preschool children learning and interacting in Plymouth, Michigan.
Our preschool teachers, Miss Marisa and Miss Connie, offer years of compassionate experience in the classroom.

The results from a year or two of preschool are phenomenal, as parents will notice a positive difference.

“There is tremendous growth in preschool, but it looks different in individual children. Generally I observe social, emotional, academic, and physical growth,” says Downs. “But when given the opportunity to really learn about each child, as I am at New Morning, I see specific changes.

“I work to create an environment where children grow in the areas they are ready and able to.  It’s a beautiful spectrum of learning.  Some children learn to share, some gain confidence to speak, some acquire the skills to read and write, and there’s so much more.  My classroom is like a rich garden with a variety of blooms happening all the time.”

Continuous enrollment is available on a limited basis. To learn more about the preschool program or about kindergarten, elementary or middle school opportunities, call 734-420-3331 or email