Buddy bench brings to life the ideas of elementary students

The idea of a ‘buddy bench’ is, itself, a pretty noble one: It’s about creating a place on the playground for a student to sit if they want someone to come play with them.

However, through the designs and hard work of elementary students and the volunteer efforts of parent Simon Bach, the bench is becoming a reality.

After the students came up with concepts for the bench, Bach collected them and went a few steps further. He purchased the supplies and assembled the bench; after bringing all the cut wood, fitted pieces and accessories into school, the bench was reconstructed by Bach and the students.

Although the students wanted to raise funds to pay for the supplies, Bach donated his time and the supplies to help make the project come to fruition.

“It is great when parents share their special skills with the students. In this case, it’s amazing,” said Elaine Kennedy, Head of School for New Morning School, Plymouth. “He is helping the kids create a buddy bench. With his help, the children are working collaboratively to create the bench.

“This will be something they remember and will be very valuable on the playground.”