COVID-19: Facts and Updates for 2021-22 school year

COVID School Safety

New Morning School’s Peak Performance Wellness Plan (PPWP) for New Morning School follows. Accommodations need to be made for now, but not forever. We can each follow the procedures below to help those in our community from getting sick.

Students Attend Every Day

Our plan is for all children to attend every day for classes. This means a cap on the number of students per class. A plan is just a plan. If health circumstances require it, we might at any time have to go back to remote learning. Remote learning will start 48 hours after the physical school is closed.

Kids are Resilient

They will get used to the new procedures. There will be changes, but we are not changing our culture. That will remain the same.

Changes as the Year Progresses

We hope that as the year goes on and COVID circumstances change that we can modify some of the guidelines. We recognize that the COVID situation remains fluid. These policies integrate recommendations from the CDC and Wayne County Health Department.

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