An invitation from our Founder, Elaine Kennedy

Elaine Kennedy, Head of School

Dear Friends,

Welcome to our website and the excitement and caring that is New Morning School. We are a preschool through grade eight, not-for-profit, independent school. This is the only parent cooperative school through grade eight in the State of Michigan and has been nationally recognized as a model cooperative. This is a school where you can be involved at a level that’s right for you.

New Morning School offers a personalized, program for each child in small class sizes with a teacher to student ratio of 1:12 and adult to student ratio that averages 1:5. Not only do children learn at different rates, they also learn through multiple intelligences as Howard Gardner teaches us. We work to your children’s strengths while working on their challenging areas as well.

Further, we are constantly looking to embrace new information and teaching strategies. Founded in 1973 on the work of Jean Piaget, a Swiss psychologist, we blend what constructivists teach us with the latest brain science to create an environment that is superior for learning. Our classrooms encompass the ten elements of a brain-compatible classroom as outlined by Susan Kovalik.

You may be seeking small class sizes and a personalized approach for your children. You may want a nurturing and safe environment. NMS prides itself on those features, but we go beyond that and give your children that extra edge for their lives in the 21st century. We will help your children learn how to learn, to think, and to problem solve.  Come visit us and we’ll show you how our students practice these skills every day.

Our proven approach develops leadership skills and propels our students into the future. Students graduating from eighth grade are accepted at many of the prestigious high schools and colleges across the nation. Further, our graduates shine in their careers – medicine, engineering, the arts, foreign languages, business, and law, to name a few – and move up the ranks quickly because of their impressive skill sets.

Our website is two-dimensional.   I invite you to see us in three dimensions and learn firsthand about that edge that we can craft for your children, too.   Please use the following link to schedule a visit. 

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I look forward to meeting with you.


Elaine Kennedy
School Founder
Fulbright scholar
School Founder, Elaine Kennedy was named as a Fulbright Memorial Fund Scholar.