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Are you looking for a young fives or transitional kindergarten for your five-year-old? Would a challenge benefit your child? Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is an individualized program for students who need an extra growing year before kindergarten. Especially useful for children who did not go to preschool due to the pandemic, this program can offer a Read More
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“Well done!  Your child has reached the teenage years.”  Those words open a letter I received today from my daughter’s doctor.  So far so good, are my thoughts.  Raising my children has always felt a bit like an experiment and I’m just a rookie scientist.   As I write this blog, my 15-year-old daughter Read More
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My children are now five years old now, and when they were tiny, I heard the same refrain from people we’d run into at the park, the store, school, or wherever. They’d say, “It goes so fast!” or “enjoy this age!” or “I remember when my kids were that age!”  I think about this Read More
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When my grandson Zach was a newbie at walking and running, about 15 months old, I watched as he ran across his living room. Scattered around him were toys of all shapes and sizes, a lot of trucks to be sure. He started out running with glee, but then he stumbled and fell forward Read More
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Exactly how does attending an intimate learning environment like New Morning School in Plymouth, MI. prepare a student for a larger school?   In the case of Greyson, he found the skills he acquired while attending New Morning through seventh grade served him well in a new school with a much different learning environment. Read More
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At New Morning School, our teaching method encourages a mindset that has prepared our students for the coronavirus and beyond. Out of necessity this year, teachers, students and parents were introduced to the concept of online schooling. Traditional learning had to quickly pivot to accommodate the concept of online school for kids. While many Read More
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