Science and Technology

At New Morning School, science is taught to grades K – 8 by a teacher specializing in science education. The students are exposed to high-level content and many hands-on activities.

This science education allows students to build an understanding of the natural world. Students are given the opportunity to discover science concepts through a hands-on, inquiry-based curriculum.

“Play is the answer to how anything new comes about.” – Jean Piaget

Elementary students explore developmentally appropriate topics and tools, and are facilitated in their natural desire to learn more. Students are encouraged to demonstrate their acquired knowledge through multiple means.

Middle School students continue to learn advanced science concepts through labs and activities, while also developing the skills and knowledge base needed to succeed in future science classes. Students use current technology and scientific tools to explore concepts and to communicate their findings.

All levels rotate through a variety of life, earth, and physical science units. Students learn to collaborate with others as well as work individually. The program supports the reinforcement of language arts and mathematics skills as they are integral to many science concepts.  Students recognize the purpose and importance of the scientific method through designing and carrying out their own experiments.

Technology: All classes, K-8, are equipped with promethean boards. Students in our Elementary program use tablets for project-based learning and skill building, as well as typing instruction. Middle School students use laptops to research and complete projects as well. Technology use is limited with younger children and introduced as appropriate.

The technology program is ever-evolving to include new technology and equipment, preparing our students for this 21st century environment.