New Morning Students

  • think independently
  • solve problems
  • set goals and achieve them
  • solve interpersonal conflicts
  • work effectively with others

Our Graduates

New Morning graduates are thriving in various settings.  Whether they attend private or public high schools, New Morning graduates are ready to meet academic and social challenges.  Our graduates are excelling in diverse fields such as law, medicine, engineering, and human services.

Why Families Choose New Morning School

 “I chose New Morning School for a variety of reasons, including the hands-on learning approach; flexible program, which allows children to work at their own levels; the student-teacher ratio; the fact that parents have a voice in their child’s education.  But what really sold me was the feeling of family, the feeling that teachers and staff were genuinely concerned about the welfare of each child.”
                                                    Parent of a second grader
“I was very excited to find the cooperative experience did not have to end at the preschool level.  Here it was offered through the eighth grade.”
                                                  Parent of a first grader and a preschooler

Parents Stay with New Morning because of Results

“At New Morning School I see kids who don’t equate learning with fear and drudgery.  I see them excited and actively involved in learning as they discover themselves, others and their world.  I see children of different ages and abilities learning to take responsibility for themselves and their actions as well as learning how to function cooperatively in a diverse group.  I also see many dedicated people working hard to make this reality happen each and every day.”
                                                   Parent of a fourth grader