School Enrichment Fund: Technology benefits students, staff

At the annual New Morning School auction in March, guests were introduced to the concept of a School Enrichment Fund. This was designated to maintain and improve the school’s various forms of digital technology.

Thanks to the donations of NMS families and auction guests, in addition to a separate technology donation from Bosch, we were able to improve the overall technology available for our students and staff.

After speaking with the teachers in the winter and spring, they outlined their IT needs. The first item on the list — increased internet bandwidth — was crucial due to the heavy uses of online devices.

To do this, we worked with our IT consultants to create a new switch and access point, in addition to a new firewall for safety.

An OSMO learning device, at work in our elementary classroom.

Then, classroom equipment was purchased. Following the plan, this was purchased:

  • 3 iPads for kindergarten with sturdy covers with handles.
  • 5 iPads for elementary with 7 sturdy keyboards.
  • We moved Chromebooks from elementary to middle school, so that each middle school student has a Chromebook or laptop.
  • We purchased many modules and sets of OSMO to augment what we already have. This will be used in kindergarten and elementary. (Stop by and ask to see OSMO).
  • By moving equipment around, we were able to provide a laptop to each of the middle school instructors.
  • We purchased two ELMOs – one of them for science. An ELMO can display 3-D objects on the Promethean Board.
  • 5 Kano build-and-code computers with Kano Pixels.
  • 5 sets of LEGO Simple Machines.
  • Still on the list are Bluetooth speakers, possibly a light table for preschool and a MacBook Air for video editing.

Our school will continue to scour the horizon for new ideas and concept in order to provide our students with cutting-edge technology.

If you wish to make a contribution to this fund or have any questions, contact us at