Elementary Spanish
The Elementary Spanish program is offered in grades 1-4.  The students attend two half-hour sessions each week.  The focus of this program is to explore the Spanish language.  The exploration centers around listening and speaking activities, and also involves some experiences with writing and reading as well.  The students practice listening, giving and responding to a variety of directions in Spanish.  The students are also exposed to a variety of topics such as colors, numbers, the Spanish alphabet, animals and weather.  The goal of the Elementary Spanish class is to learn the beginnings of Spanish in a natural and enjoyable way.

Middle School Spanish
The Middle School Spanish program is offered in grades 5-8. The students are divided into groups according to their ability and experience in learning Spanish. The students attend Spanish class for two sessions each week. The classes focus on improving students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Spanish. The class curriculum is based on a Spanish One textbook with many additional Spanish materials, games and experiences included as well. The goal is for students to master as much of the Spanish One content as is possible, while focusing on long term retention of the skills and language that is covered in class.