Supply Lists: 2022-23

school supplies - notebooks NMS

Each family is asked to bring 5-7 of the items below (or just 1 case of copy paper) along with the “Must Haves” items for your child’s classroom.  If you can donate additional items, we thank you!   

We appreciate your support! 

  • 1 ream of copy paper (counts as 1 item)
  • paper plates (large or small) 
  • white, 13-gallon garbage bags
  • masking tape 1” (not blue painters tape) 
  • paper towels (we need lots!)
  • glue sticks 

You may plan to bring your supplies to school before the first day of school.  It’s a good idea to call first to make sure we are here. 

The school is open 8am to 4pm and you can reach us at 734-420-3331. 

Also, please ensure all items of clothing, lunch boxes, water bottles and backpacks are labeled.

Preschool – Must Haves Preschool – Consider Donating 
Each child will need in the classroom  
A family photo to fill in our family tree branches with love
Extra clothes in a Ziplock bag labeled with name (shirts, pants, underwear, socks)
Napping items for our all-day students (sheet, blanket, etc.) 

Each child will need daily 
Lunch bag/box
Healthy snack
Filled water bottle  
Paper towels 
Paper plates 
Primary Grades K-1:  Must Haves Primary K-1: Consider Donating 
Each child will need in the classroom
A Mead Primary Journal, grades K-2 (available on Amazon).
Stickers to decorate and personalize their journal.
2 pocket folders, preferably the plastic type. One yellow, one green.
One 3 ring, 3 inch binder.  

Each child will need in their locker 
Spare change of clothes, season appropriate and including underwear and socks.
Rain boots and/or snow boots, depending on weather.
Indoor shoes (eg clean sneakers, slippers, crocs etc) for when it’s wet and muddy outside. 
Rain/snow pants and jacket, depending on weather.
Hat and gloves (two pairs of gloves is useful during snow). 

Each child will need daily
Healthy snack 
Filled water bottle 
Gym shoes on gym class days   
Classroom resources needed for whole class use,
should you wish to donate 
Washable markers
Crayola crayons
Colored pencils 
Dry erase markers 
Glue sticks 
Model magic (all colors) 
Air dry clay 
Tissue paper 
Popsicle sticks 
Colored pipe cleaners 
Any craft stickers, gems, foam shapes etc. 
Googly eyes 
Pom poms 
Masking tape 
Duct tape (all colors) 
Yarn or string 
Small boxes, paper tubes and recyclables suitable for junk modeling
Anything else you think could be used to be creative! 
Boxes of Kleenex 
Clorox or Lysol wipes 
Rolls of paper towel   
Elementary Grades 2-5:  Must Haves Elementary Grades 2-5: Consider Donating  
Each child will need in the classroom 
1 Three Ring Binder (1 inch) 
Dividers (5- Please Label): Reading, Math, Writing, Social Studies, Spelling
Notebook (for daily journal)
Composition Book (for math)  

Each child will need for their personal cubbies
4-5 Glue Sticks
Colored Pencils 
Headphones (labeled please!)
Pencil Box/Pouch 
Tape Scissors Pencils and erasers
Water bottle 

Each child will need in their locker 
Spare change of clothes, season appropriate and including underwear and socks.  
Classroom Needs:  
Kleenex Tissues 
Clorox Wipes 
Dry Erase Markers 
Ream of lined Paper 
Ziplock Bags- Sandwich & Gallon 
Color Pencils/Markers for the class 
Pencils for the class 
Sharpie Markers all colors 
Bottles of Elmer’s Glue

Things For Make Something
(Please pick a few things and donate if you can) 
Colored Duct Tape 
Google Eyes 
Socks (dollar store) 
Shoe Boxes 
Pipe Cleaners (all colors) 
Popsicle Sticks 
Anything you think the kids could be creative with.  
Middle School Grades 6-8:  Must Haves Middle School Grades 6-8:  Consider Donating 
Each child will need in the classroom  
1 2 or 3 inch 3-ring binder with pockets for planning and for gathering portfolio pieces
1 package of five tabbed dividers for binders
6 folders with pockets and 3 center prongs for adding paper 
Blue-Language Arts 
Purple-Social Studies 
Black-Daily/Weekly Take Home folder 
1 composition-style notebook – Science 
3-5 packs of loose-leaf paper (can be wide-ruled or college-ruled) 
1 pencil case or box labeled with your name
1 package of erasers 
1 package of pens including a blue, black, and red pens 
1 bottle of white-out 
1 set of 12 Papermate or Flair fine-tipped colored markers  
1 box of 12-24 colored pencils 
1 box of 12-24 regular pencils 
3 highlighters (green, yellow, and orange) 
1 small package of multi-colored post-it or sticky notes 
3 Glue sticks 
1 small stapler with staples 
1 small pair of scissors 
2 packages of 4×6 cards 
2 packages of 3×5 cards 
Ream of copy paper
Paper towels
Masking tape
1” Glue
Tissue boxes