The advantages of a smaller middle school are huge for many students

Consider the ideal alternative in New Morning School, which prepares middle school students for any high school (larger or small)

Some parents — and students — reach middle school and find a bit of trepidation for various reasons. Maybe a student needs more attention. Or perhaps, some students aren’t challenged enough and need an opportunity to grow at a pace ideal for their success.

New Morning School offers so much for students of every level. From preschool through middle school, the intent is for students to reach their fullest potential through a learning regimen geared toward each student, not just a cookie-cutter curriculum.

As a result, our students have proven they are ready for any challenge along the way. Whether it is having to shift to remote learning (as was the case for much of the COVID-19 pandemic) or preparing for a larger high school community, our students are ready.

Our middle schoolers (at New Morning, this covers grades 6-8) have a ratio of under 12 students per instructor. This is much more conducive to individualized learning than ratios found at most other schools.

“Since 1973, we have always stressed student initiative and independence in completing work,” Head of School Elaine Kennedy said. “At New Morning School, students take responsibility for their work and ‘own’ their own learning.”

Well-prepared students can handle whatever comes up

And, if we need to resume remote learning for any reason, our students have acquired the tools to be responsible and disciplined for at-home learning.

A former student which left for his eighth-grade year at Dearborn Divine Child was more than ready for when it was required all students learn remotely.

“What I realized during this last quarter of the year is how much all of the independent learning he had at New Morning School set him up to succeed in a distance-learning environment,” said Kate Olson, a longtime New Morning parent.

It has also helped that learning does not come strictly from a textbook, but from trial and error, seeing (learning) and attempting.

Elementary teacher Christine Jansen explains that the concept of hands-on learning is prevalent throughout all grades at New Morning School.

“A few examples of hands-on learning would be making movies, putting together skits to act out, gardening, cooking, weaving, building, playing games to reinforce ideas and making their own games to demonstrate ideas,” she said. “These are just some of the ways we use it.

Middle school students have the opportunity to move away from traditional desks and go wherever works best to reach their goals, as needed.

Hands-on learning benefits middle schoolers, all students

“We strive to get our students moving and engaged in learning. It allows students to experiment with trial and error, learn from their mistakes and understand the potential gaps between theory and practice.”

She added this opens door for engaging all students in new, personalized ways that make the most sense for each student. This aligns with the teachings of Jean Piaget, whose research into cognitive learning played a large role in the development of New Morning School in 1973. According to a publication from William & Mary:

By using Piaget’s theory in the classroom, teachers and students benefit in several ways. Teachers develop a better understanding of their students’ thinking. They can also align their teaching strategies with their students’ cognitive level (e.g. motivational set, modeling, and assignments). Their goal is to help the individual construct knowledge.

Discover what New Morning School can offer your child

New Morning School is offering limited enrollment with openings in select grades for the 2021-22 school year. Students will be in session five days per week, with necessary COVID precautions. It will offer the same nurturing, innovative environment it has since 1973.

Additionally, the school has not only been quick to respond with its own science-based COVID-19 response plan, but has always been a safe school that encourages responsible, mature behavior.

Located in Plymouth, MI. which is in western Wayne County, New Morning School draws students from several communities in Wayne County, Oakland County and Washtenaw County.