Wonder of Flight | New Morning School Summer Science Camp

Summer camp with Wright Brothers in Plymouth, MI.

Explore the wonder of flight through trial and error

Who: Students Entering K-1

When: 9 a.m. to noon, July 15-19

Explore the Roots: Start with Zephyr Takes Flight, then learn about the Wright Brothers and Charles Lindbergh. Remember, it took the Wright brothers six years and repeated failures to create their first practical flying machine.

How Do Airplanes Fly? Start with learning how birds fly. Then move on to experience lift. Finally, design your own airplane that really flies. Can it fly the farthest? the highest? How can you make it a better flying machine?

Glide: Can you make a glider? What will keep it from crashing? Experiment with a garbage bag kite, hovercraft and boomerang. Try your hand at a paper hoop flyer.

Twirl: Start with a roto-copter and a paper spinner. How high can your parachute go? Now create your own model helicopter. How will yours be different?

Rockets: Experiment with air-powered flight vehicles. Make a balloon rocket, a jet pack, and a soda-powered rocket. Watch a rocket go off high into the air.

For more information or to register, call (734) 420-3331 or email NMS@newmorningschool.com.