Answering your back-to-school COVID questions

Back to school Zoom meeting

Several points were highlighted at a back-to-school Zoom meeting on Aug. 28. More information will be forthcoming, but among the key points:

When in doubt, keep them home

“If there’s a question, keep them home and call the doctor,” said Heather Johnson, PA, who also helped develop New Morning’s innovative Peak Performance Wellness Plan (PPWP) with Hamid Ghanbari, MD.

“We’re taking every possible measure to keep students and teachers safe here,” Dr. Ghanbari said. “Children will sometimes have a runny nose…but it’s important we take extra precautions.”

Students will also be temperature-screened and parents will fill out a questionnaire briefly highlight their student’s health.

Staggered start times and building traffic

Various grade levels will be starting their days with staggered start times, and at separate entrances. New this year, parents will also be dropping off their students in the lobby. This will limit the number of interactions.

“We are trying to minimize the number of people in the New Morning space,” Head of School Elaine Kennedy said. When dropping off a child, she added adults must have a mask on, This also applies whenever adults are in the building.

High-traffic locations will be cleaned mid-day each school day, as well as after school.

School begins on Tuesday, Sept. 8 with preschool and kindergarten sessions. Elementary and middle school students report to the classroom on Wednesday, Sept. 9.