Our COVID-19 School Preparedness and Response Plan for Phase Four.

Our plan is for all children to attend every day for classes. This means a cap on the number of students per class. A plan is just a plan. If health circumstances require it, we might at any time have to go back to remote learning. Remote learning will start 48 hours after the physical school is closed.

New Morning School’s Peak Performance Wellness Plan (PPWP) for reopening New Morning School follows. Accommodations may need to be made for now, but not forever. We can each follow the procedures below to help those in our community from getting sick.

Kids are resilient. They will get used to the new procedures. Having students back at school is much better than continuing remote learning. There will be changes, but we are not changing our culture. That will remain the same.

Face Coverings

  • All staff, parents and students in the building will wear masks at all times, except when they are outside and social distancing. 
  • Preschool and K-8 students will wear masks. 
  • Exceptions will be made for a student or adult with a medical condition.


  • Students will be taught to wash their hands for 20 seconds.
  • Adequate disinfecting supplies will be provided.

Hygiene for Preschool

  • All students will be asked to wash their hands thoroughly about every hour, and especially upon arrival, mid-morning, and before and after lunch, after nap, and before and after being in the gym or outside
  • All toys will be disinfected every four hours. 
  • Each student will have a box of personal supplies, so there is no sharing of common supplies.

Hygiene for K – 8 Children  

  • All students will be asked to wash their hands thoroughly about every hour: especially upon arrival, mid-morning, and before and after lunch, mid-afternoon, and before and after being in the gym or outside
  • Before Elem/ MS students leave in the afternoon they will wipe off their workspaces with disinfecting wipes.
  • Students will wipe off their computer device at the end of the day. Computers will be 1:1 for safety.
  • If students use learning games, they will wipe them off before returning them to the shelves or place them for adults to clean.
  • As much as possible, school items stay at school and will not be brought home.
  • Students will place their lunchboxes and fully-supplied pencil boxes at their workspaces to limit sharing supplies during the day.

Hygiene for Adults

  • All adults (aides, staff) will be assigned high-touch places to disinfect throughout the day. High-touch places will be cleaned mid-day and after school.
  • Adults will wash their hands about once an hour.


Throughout the School

  • We have always practiced standard disinfecting procedures. The new plan just increases the frequency. We expect to use the same disinfecting products.

Deep Cleaning

  • Paid cleaners will do a deep disinfecting cleaning twice/ wk. (prop doors open when cleaning).


  • Staff will wear gloves and masks when cleaning.
  • Aides/ teachers will disinfect tables and chairs in Zen room and science/music room after each class or skill group meets.
  • Staff and parents will clean high touch spots such as the bathrooms, door knobs, surfaces, locker handles and light switches every four hours and a complete cleaning after school, including wiping off classroom materials that were used.


  • Children will wash their hands prior to going outside (or to the gym) and when they come inside (or leave the gym).
  • Children should wear masks in the gym.
  • They do not need to wear masks outside unless they are not socially distanced, in which case they should wear a mask.
  • They may play on the play equipment and with balls only to start.
  • Play equipment will not be disinfected.


  • All children and adults entering the school will require a temperature check. If a temp is 100 degrees F. or higher, that person cannot stay at school.  
  • All children and adults will be asked to complete a health questionnaire. 
  • Parents and children will wear masks when entering the building. Parents will say good-bye to their children in the lobby and will exit the building. Staff will take the children to class. 
  • Staggered start times will minimize congestion.


  • Social distancing is not feasible in preschool. Total enrollment will be capped, so there will be fewer children in the space.
  • In K-8, students will each have a separate desk or table for their workspaces. Social distancing will be adhered to as much as is feasible.
  • K-8 students will have their own supply boxes.
  • There will be staggered start and dismissal times to minimize congestion in the hallways.
  • We will limit exposure between classroom groups. For now, no reading buddies.
  • For specials classes, when possible the specials teacher will rotate to the next class rather than all of the children rotate to the specials’ location.


If a staff member is sick, he/she will stay at home until all symptoms are resolved per the wellness plan below. Anyone with any of the symptoms below must contact his/her health care provider to request a COVID test and for instructions on returning to school.

If a child becomes sick, isolate the child in the designated area. The parent must contact the child’s healthcare provider to request guidance about getting a COVID test. If the COVID test is negative the child may return to school per the wellness policy below. For re-entry, the parent will provide a note from the child’s doctor.

If we send a child home from school due to illness, all school members will be notified. They will be notified again if the child tests positive for COVID. 

Wellness Policy

Please call the school office if your child is sick and will not be attending. The school is required to report communicable diseases to the health department. In addition, for the health of all children and staff please keep your child at home if he/she has any of these symptoms: 

  1. Fever (must stay home 24 hours with no fever)
  2. Rash (if not yet treated by a doctor)
  3. Vomiting (must stay home 24 hours after vomiting)
  4. Cough
  5. Diarrhea (must stay home 24 hours after diarrhea)
  6. Sore throat
  7. Mild to severe congestion
  8. Other communicable diseases
  9. Is unable to go out for recess

Note that if a family member is sick, the child must stay home from school as well.

If your child shows any of these symptoms New Morning School will notify you, so that you may pick up your child.

Anyone with the above symptoms should be tested for COVID. If negative for COVID you can follow the above guidelines.

If Someone Tests Positive for COVID

If a student, staff member, or aiding parent tests positive for COVID, all school members will be notified. Pending health department directions, the school may be closed for 14 days. We will convert to remote learning that will commence two days after closure.